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the man that lives in my basement pt1 (lurch)

remains of cake / devoured chocolate

blowing up balloons

A whole giant year has passed since a baby decided to wedge its way out of my vadge. Didn’t really think i would make it this far raising him on my own. but somehow i did. still unsure how i’m going to survive the next 18 years. horray for a happy healthy toddler thing. 

goal for this summer

become flexible /  be able to do the splits by the end of july

never going to stop playing this

Dream zzz

It was Halloween, and instead of going getting candy from neighbors you brought candy with you to give to them. Kyle Goddard suggested i go to this house where you draw them a picture of your candy fantasy. But i really had to pee so i entered the nearest house. I looked in the first washroom and there was a giant shit in the toilet. so i checked out the second but instead of peeing i weighed myself. My feet were in giant heels. how i was walking idk. I weighed 140 with all my Halloween gear on. then i peed.

the day before last i dreamt i had a 3some. kooooool.

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